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Whitney Eslicker

Owner, Whitney Eslicker, is a life-long Tulsan with the exception of furthering her academics in London, England, a place she considers a second home and from which she pulls much of her inspiration.  She truly believes her brain only consists of a right side and is her happiest crafting with her family and creating things she imagined in her colorful mind.

Growing up, she loved visiting the holiday and gift shop Etcetera House at Utica Square with her mom, and credits a lot of her fondest holiday memories to the shop.  The idea for Adorn was born out of a desire to create similar magical holiday memories for families in Tulsa and most especially her two darling boys, Jett and Liam, and her wonderful nieces, Elle, Helena, and Lila.  

Whitney is so excited to be a part of Tulsa’s small, local, business family and hopes to truly compliment the stores in town she loves so dearly.  


Debbie Miller

Debbie Miller, Whitney’s mom and bestest everything, joined forces with Whitney’s holiday interior design business last season and the pair had so much fun working and creating together. Debbie designed and decorated beautiful homes in Colorado years ago and then retired and stayed home to help Whitney and her brother Jacob figure out their hopes and careers.  Her signature style is warm jewel tones, classic patterns, and rich fabric.  She is extraordinarily encouraging even when her compliment is followed by a “but” and a change suggestion. She is truly a mom and Gamma for the ages and working with her makes this business even more of a dream come true.  Written by Whitney because Debbie refused to make a profile. Also the reason for the Beverly Goldberg reference. 


Maddie Schmidt

Maddie Schmidt is an award-winning artist who received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Tulsa with an emphasis in painting.

Post-graduation, she spent time in Colorado studying with various painting and ceramic artists. Maddie previously worked for the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition assisting with events and programs put on by OVAC.

In addition to Adorn Designs, she works for ahha Tulsa as a Studio Ambassador, as well as in her own studio in Broken Arrow. 


Susie Tittle

Susie Tittle, lifelong friend to Whitney and mother of 3 darling kiddos, moved from Austin, TX to Tulsa this summer to be part of the Adorn team and ensure its success and future. Susie and Whitney have been friends since they were 15 and truly feel like family.  Susie loves sparkle and color and pattern and has a natural eye for design.  She considers herself breezy, Monica Geller-style, and chooses to go with the flow with a smile and completely unreadable heavy sigh.  She has coined Adorn’s weekly “On Wednesday We Sparkle” to keep things bright and fresh and to remind all of us that life is too short not to truly shine.   Susie makes Whitney’s day a happier, brighter, more hilarious place and Whitney is so thankful she is here.  Written by Whitney because like Debbie, Susie refused to write her own profile.